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Jean-Jacques Letesson


Bacterial pathogens selected, along evolution, molecular mechanisms allowing them to colonize, feed and proliferate on or inside host organisms.

Brucella spp., are facultative intracellular pathogens responsible for a chronic infection of animals and humans that is world widespread. Two research groups are active onBrucella in our research unit.


The capacity of Brucella to cause disease (brucellosis) relies on their ability to hide from and to modulate the immune response and the physiology of the host. In addition, the infectious process can be seen as a stepwise differentiation process to adapt to the ever changing niches inside the host.

Our group is working on two different aspects at the interface between the host and Brucella spp.


  1. The central metabolism of Brucella spp. and its regulation through global regulatory processes that also regulate the virulence
  2. The innate and adaptive immune mechanisms of the infected host and how Brucella is corrupting them.