• Gipsi Lima Mendez's Research Group

PhD opportunity on phage bacteria defense mechanisms

The thesis project will aim at discovering novel molecular interactions between bacteria and bacteriophages in the human gut microbiome using bioinformatics, microbiology and biochemistry approaches. The research is to be pursued under the joint supervision of Prof. Gipsi Lima Mendez from University of Namur and Prof. Abel Garcia Pino from Université libre de Bruxelles (ULB). Research in Lima Mendez’s group is focused on the study of phage-bacteria interactions whereas Garcia-Pino’s research revolves around the study and understanding of bacterial transcription, translation and biochemistry.


Candidates with a strong interest in bioinformatics, structural biology, protein biochemistry, and bacterial physiology or previous exposure to these research areas during their master education are encouraged to apply (contact: gipsi.limamendez@unamur.be and/or abel.garcia.pino@ulb.be)

Representing publications:

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